Corticon Healthcare App

I had previously worked on an app that combined AngularJS, NodeJS, and Corticon, but the app, a simple counter, was mainly a proof of concept. Corticon’s ability to quickly automate decisions makes it extremely useful for creating individualized pages in complex areas such as healthcare and taxes. With this in mind, I decided to work on making a simple healthcare website where each page could be customized based on previously entered responses.

AngularJS is very useful for building dynamic webpages, and through the use of ng-show, (I could have also used ng-switch) I was able to build a simple frontend where users could navigate between screens and answer some basic questions. This application, however, wasn’t being customized based on user responses, however, and to achieve this, I decided to call the backend. As a way of keeping the app relatively simple, I decided that the only customizations I would do would be based on the user’s gender and number of family members.  For the user’s gender, I changed the selection of magazines presented, and for the number of family members, I changed the number of family members shown using ng-repeat. Before writing the final app, I also added some basic animations for screen transitions and some form validation so that the user experience would be better.


An image of the application

After setting up the frontend, I just needed to connect the app to Corticon. To do this, I started by reusing my code from the previous app. I then used the JSON documentation to try to make REST calls to Corticon. I had a bit of difficulty, till I was told that the location to run REST calls was http://{hostname}/axis/corticon/execute. With this information, I was able to make JSON calls into Corticon. As of this post, I did not finish completely connecting the app to Corticon as it was my last week, but the project is being taken over by someone else who will finish it up.

Working with Corticon was very interesting and it turned out to be a very powerful tool. You can view the final project on GitHub at and the sample app at Keep in mind that you might need to set up Corticon to be able to create your own copy of the app.


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